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October 11, 2021

Christmas stockings are very special in our home. They are a staple to our Christmas morning traditions. It started 30 years ago when I cross stitched a special stocking for my son’s first Christmas. I loved being able to give him a special stocking with his name on it. When my daughter arrived a few years later I was lucky she was a January baby and had 11 months to make her a special cross stitched stocking of her own. Today those two stocking still hang in our home for Christmas. Everyone who has come into our family has had a homemade stocking given to them to add to our collection on Christmas morning.

I have found some very beautiful designs and decided to make up some stockings so others can have a special homemade stocking for Christmas.

I have 4 stocking designs so far and will be adding more as time allows.



August 2021

I have been working on some cushion covers. The two I have worked on are for 18 inch pillow covers. I will also be working some up for 16 inch pillows. They are machine embroidered on canvas with a fold over enclosure.

“No matter where I roam, Nova Scotia will always be my home” pillow has a applique tartan province. Currently I am acquiring east coast of Canada tartan’s for New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, Cape Breton and Newfoundland. These pillows will be available subject to the availability of the tartan.

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“And so Together they built a life they Loved”

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